Banner-radioThat Friday Feeling’s John Curtis, is one of the UKs leading motoring journalists, broadcasters and conference speakers. He have covered everything from supercars to the environmental sustainability of vehicles. He is a regular expert contributor to BBC Scotland’s “Reporting Scotland”, and BBC Radio Scotland’s “Business Scotland” and “Morning Call”. BBC Radio Scotland recently described him as “their ‘go to’ man for anything to do with motoring”.

He appears weekly as the motoring columnist for Scotland’s most popular daily newspaper the Daily Record. He also feature regularly as a motoring expert in other national and local news media, as well as trade journals.

He provides TV coverage for many car shows including Greenfleet, a low emission car show  and is currently working on a new “secret” car project for Scottish television. Shhhhhh 😉

That Friday Feeling is delighted to do media work with the following companies

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