My role in life is to inspire, inform and deliver people and organisations as they make the transition to better, cleaner, more efficient ways of living their lives.

I am Scotland’s leading expert in low carbon transport and smart mobility policy and practice. Having helped create the Scottish Government’s policy approach to Low Carbon Vehicles and transport emissions reduction I am now engaged in supporting businesses in learning and deploying “real world” projects to reduce carbon emissions. I have recently worked with Police Scotland to write their Carbon Management Plan and helped them to declare a commitment to be the world’s first carbon neutral police authority.

I am proud to be a member of the leading business forum for carbon emissions reduction, the 2020 Climate Group, chaired by Lady Susan Rice.

From L-R, John Curtis, Lady Susan Rice and Former Finance Minister, Angus Mackay
From L-R, John Curtis, Lady Susan Rice and former Finance Minister, Angus Mackay

Covering everything from renewable energy policy and strategy to fuel efficiency, smart grid technology, electric vehicles, hydrogen for transport and biofuels, my work is to explain, support and deploy new automotive technologies for businesses and consumers. I am passionate about change in how we manage our precious energy and transport resources.

I have spent years building a network of public and private sector contacts from Governments, vehicle manufacturers, and infrastructure suppliers to enable me to offer innovation across the low carbon economy.

I have undertaken large low carbon consultancy assignments for amongst others:

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